Myriam TANGI

Born in and continues to reside and work in Paris

Her creative path has followed three artistic venues : 

Painting – Photography – Poetry 

After studying drawing and painting at National School of Fine Art in Paris, she obtained an Upper Diploma in Drawing. 

Myriam Tangi has received many prizes and awards for her Painting, among them The Foundation Vocation Award, a Bronze Medal awarded by the Town of Paris, The Charles Oulmont Foundation Prize, and the 1st Prize in Painting from Wizo. 

Exhibition and in collections :  in Rome, Montreal, Paris, London...

Myriam Tangi published three Poetry books :

- 2010 : “Corps de mémoire”

- 1998 : “Encre nocturne”

- 1996 : “Le ciel en désordre”, for which she received a prize from l’Academie française 1997


Argentic Photography :

Travels in    Yemen – India – USA – URSS….

Her actual work to be published : “Mehitza. Ce que femme voit. Seen by Woman” where she explores the distance and the separation in Jewish tradition. Myriam photographs what women see or “can’t see” in the synagogues and in other community meetings where men and women gather (Simha Beit HaShoeva, fundraising events, Hillouloth…).

Prize of Photography from La Gazette des Arts, Paris 2012

12 photos of this project have been presented at the Yeshiva Museum University in New York on 2007. – and at the Ein Harod Museum, 2012

Published in Eretz magazine, 2007 – in Documentation Française, 2008


The evolution of the work of Myriam Tangi since 1983 to now is very dynamic and stronger. Her eye is looking at   the secret detail who makes her photographs, so personal, and as a man I feel   jealous of her vision from both a woman and a mother : very sensitive, emotional,   but with a construction who makes her work not only photographs, but work of   art, with a very deep signification. Her culture and her knowledge in Jewish   tradition, religion and culture, goes through her photographs, confirming the   works of Pasternak “The man is mute, images are the only to speak” and   Myriam’s photographs talks to us, no matters if she is in Paris or Jerusalem,   she is in her world and generous to open it to us. I am curious to see her   next step.

                                                          Lucien Clergue

                                            Photographer  -  November 13, 2006